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Have you ever paid for avertising on a digital platform, only to find that your ROI wasn’t worth the cost of running the ads? 

The truth is that digital advertising is difficult, complex and nuanced, and the majority of people who pay for ads don’t have a foundational understanding of what it takes to make them succeed. 

From researching markets, competitors, audiences, trends and platforms, to determining targeting, design, funnel approach and psychological triggers, the elements of successful ads are many and complicated.

Let us spearhead your ad campaigns and light a rocket under your sales; we’ll make every dime spent on advertising work like a dollar. 


The success of your digital advertising campaigns relies on many factors, not least of which is your understanding and perspective. 

Having a solid foundation on which to build ad success, and having a solid grasp on the psychological elements of digital advertising (as well as on the major differences between digital and traditional advertising) will allow you to determine if and when running digital ad campaigns is the right move for your company.


Don't believe everything you may have heard about online advertising. Every brand, audience, niche, product and service are different and unique. There is no single best best way to advertise.

However, there are universal elements to advertising, regardless of platform or purpose, that inspire views, conversions and word-of-mouth promotion from customers. We take pride in knowing how to shape these elements to every client's need individually. They've been true since the dawn of humanity, and will be true long after you and we are gone. 


No marketing of any sort will ever see its full potential unless its perspective is centered on the customer. The VAST majority of ad content, digital or not, lacks this perspective and instead focusses on the company, product or service being promoted. Unfortunately...

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Unfortunately, prospective customers don't actually care about you, your products or your business. They only care about them, and what it is that you might be able to do for them.

Language in ads and web copy that says "we do this" and "we offer that" and "our products are this way" isn't effective because it fails to connect with the customer's needs and desires. 

Understanding customer-centric language, and centering your advertising perspective on your customers instead of on yourself, is the corner-stone of successful marketing. 


80% of any successful marketing campaign takes place here. While millions of people slap together expensive and unsuccessful ad campaigns in a matter of hours, wise advertisers spend whatever time is necessary making sure...

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Wise advertisers spend whatever time is necessary making sure they understand every aspect of the campaign they're about to launch before they actually launch it. 

To make sure you're getting the highest possible ROI in the least amount of time, your ad campaigns ought to be pre-positioned to target the audience most likely to buy, to use the platform most likely to reach them, and to use the funneling method most likely to gain their trust and solidify sales. 

This can take days, or even weeks, in researching, validating and split-testing data sets, and can even require running preliminary low-cost campaigns to gather unknown data before launching the real ad campaign.

Emotional Drivers

Facts. Don't. Sell. Products.

So many advertisers throughout history, and even still now, haven't discovered the basic rule of marketing psychology, which basically states...

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The most fundamental rule of marketing psychology basically states that, in order to persuade a person to buy, you must appeal to their emotional sensibility. 

Customers relate to ads that make them feel a certain way. Be it humor, sadness, joy or anger, ads that leverage accurate emotional elements are over 95% more likely to drive conversions than ads that state facts about products.

Customers don't usually know that they do this, but they respond financially to ads based on the emotions the ad evokes, and then use the facts and features of a product to justify the purchase after the fact. 

That's not to say that facts aren't an important part of any advertising campaign; however, when facts, not emotions, are used as the "persuasion point", the ad will not be anywhere near as successful as it could have been.


"Who are you and why should I care?"

That's pretty much the psychological response that every viewer has to any given ad. Persuading strangers to give you their hard-earned cash hinges on your ability to...

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Persuading strangers to give you their hard-earned cash hinges on your ability to gain their trust. Since trust is earned, you'll have to make sure your ad, and the process it takes your viewers through, is positioned to do so.

You'll need to establish yourself as an authority in the context of what you're selling, have a powerful guarantee that makes the customer feel safe doing business with you, and offer more value to the customer than what they perceive your product to be worth.

If you can do those things, you'll not only make sales, but you'll make loyal customers and promoters out of anyone who takes you up on your offer. 




After an in-depth analysis wherein we determine that you’ll benefit from an ad campaign, we have to determine a few things. We’ll need to outline the primary goal of the campaign, the supporting objectives, and the steps needed to achieve those objectives. We’ll have to go on to define the specifics of the campaign - things like budget, platform, and behavior (how the ad will function). These decisions will be based on data from research into the market, competitors, buyer trends and other relevant data that will inform the campaigns efficacy.  



After making our initial determinations, we’ll know exactly what we want to achieve with out campaign and how we’re going to do it. We’ll begin building the assets defined in step 1, attending to both the creative and technical aspects therein. Regardless of asset specifics, ads will be built into a “sales funnel”, which is an intentional sequence of actions for prospective buyers to take. The primary purpose of this funnel will be to nurture the sale; the secondary purpose is establishing trust and authority in the eyes of the buyer. We want them to feel comfortable about buying and excited to share their experience with their friends. 



With our campaign in place, we’ll begin the launch process. This step includes tying in analytic and conversion measurement systems so that we can understand an ad's performance and tweak it over time, creating automated communication campaigns (email, sms, Messenger, etc) to respond to specific actions taken by viewers, and implementing re-targeting tactics to move “cold” viewers into the “warm” market and position them to convert over time.


Ad campaigns are used for a wide variety of purposes. While selling physical products might be what comes to mind, ad campaigns can also be used for the following:

  • Expanding Brand Awareness
  • Gaining Social, Blog and Content Followers
  • Gathering Communications Data (ie - phone numbers and email addresses)
  • Getting Service Leads
  • Performing Market Research
  • Improving SEO Ranking
  • Establishing Industry or Niche Authority 







Tailor-made ad campaigns designed to target likely buyers and maximize ROI. Multi-platform and automation integration. Full analytical management.


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+Platform cost*

  • Market, competitor and target demo analysis
  • Creative and technical development
  • Persistent ROI monitoring and management of analytical data
  • Monthly refinement based on data for performance boost
  • 3 month minimum agreement, no contract

*Platform cost is the ad spend budget as determined by the platform in conjunction with the budget set by the client

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