There's run-of-the-mill e-commerce, and then there's hyper-targeted, fully-automated, play-for-keeps e-commerce. Which one describes you?


E-commerce is painful sometimes. With so many platforms to use, so much available software to utilize, and constantly having to manage online assets, logistics and communication methods, it's no wonder that 95% of e-commerce sellers quit before the end of the first year. It's tough!

Most companies that utilize platforms like Amazon or Shopify don't have the bandwidth to make it successful. Sure, it's easy to post products online, but getting them to move in a meaningful way is another thing entirely!



Maybe you've tried to sell online with little success, or maybe you haven't tried yet at all. Selling platforms and "gurus" make it sound easy...open some seller accounts or build an e-comm site, use "these 3 hacks to selling online" (we've all seen that one and rolled our eyes, right?), and viola! You're rich! The customers will come flooding in...

Sorry to say, this isn't the case. The truth is that convincing strangers across the world to give you their hard-earned cash isn't easy, and that's assuming they're even aware of your existence at all. The same things go through every online shoppers head: "Who are you? How do I know I can trust you? What can you do for me?" 

Most online brands simply can't answer those questions correctly and fail as a result.

Furthermore, online brands often fail to captivate an audience; online retailers have a unique set of obstacles and unexpected types and amounts of competition which, if not identified and dealt with adequately, will result in a net loss for seller. 

There are many ways to sell online, and your particular business model and product line will determine which avenues suit you best. 



So much goes into your e-commerce operation; we're going to take every last detail into consideration as we analyze and form a strategy to scale your growth.

From company-based criteria (like budget, capability, fulfillment method and in-house operational capacity) to market-based understanding (target audience location, buyer trends, product search popularity per platform, etc), no detail will go unnoticed as we develop an airtight plan. 


After an in-depth analysis, we'll work together to determine which e-commerce solutions fit your needs best. 

We'll lay out a process for beginning operations, as well as determine any tertiary accounts, software or services that you may need.

Regardless of the method you choose, we'll make sure that the operational infrastructure is in place and that you have a clear roadmap of the weeks to come. 


We'll then gather or develop needed information and media as we build your sales assets. 

We spend most of our time in this phase, as preparation is paramount when positioning to sell. 

No matter the platform, we'll get it positioned to perform with every moving piece in place before we hit play. 


After launching your sales assets, we'll begin the process of targeting and driving likely buyers to your products. 

We'll utilize a plethora of tools to connect with, persuade and incentivize prospective buyers, and work with you to analyze and understand the data we recieve from our tools. 

We'll continue to optimize sales efforts according to that data so that we'll always be on the cutting edge of sales methodology and technology. 


Amazon Professional: Our Recommended E-Commerce platform

Amazon is an absolute beast of a platform, and leveraging it is hands-down the most effective way to get your products into the hands of the masses. 

But, with multiple seller types, loads of restrictions and guidelines, and hundreds of pages of competing products for any given category, Amazon can feel more like an obstacle than an ally.

So why do we recommend using them? There’s tons of reasons! If you can sell on Amazon, you should. Read more by clicking the button below.

Unique Boutique: A Stand-Alone E-Commerce Store For Your Brand.

Building a unique e-commerce store can often be the best avenue to take, especially if your products are digital, custom, or handmade, or if your product selection is very large.

On top of having a dedicated online store for selling purposes, your unique boutique gives you advantages when it comes to building your brand, gaining trust with clients, and increasing your SEO rank on search engines. 

See below why having a stand-alone store might be the right move for you, and what the advantages are:



An Amazon shop to fit your needs. All seller types available (FBA, FBM, B2B). Customized to your business model and ability. 


Starting at


+10% Revenue Commission

.+Setup fees and options*

  • Account and listing creation (up to 5 products)
  • Market/product/competitor research
  • Listing optimization for ranking in top 10, geared for earning the "Buy Box", "Amazon's Choice" and "Best Seller" badges
  • PPC campaign management
  • Automated review gathering and generation

A stand-alone shop build new or into your existing website. Increases trust and exclusivity, boosts site SEO and content engagement.


Starting at


+10% Revenue Commission*

.+Setup fees and options*

  • Page development, maintenance and optimization
  • Premium SEO package 
  • Brand continuity + trust signals
  • Persuasive content development
  • Automated email re-targeting campaign
  • Customized fulfillment/logistics
  • Targeted Google and Social Media Advertising

Both stand-alone and Amazon fulfillment methods through use of automated product syncing. Increases sales channels and brand awareness. 


Starting at


+10% Revenue Commission

.+Setup fees and options*

  • Both "Amazon Seller Pro" and "Unique Boutique" packages 
  • Multi-channel fulfillment software for consistent, singular digital store and inventory management
  • Premium SEO package
  • Full front-end automation and logistic integration 

*Setup fees and options contingent upon method and variation of customized e-commerce solutions.

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