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Lead Generation...

Imagine wanting to go to a movie with 9 friends, but the theatre only has one seat available. The theatre charges all 10 of you full price each for the ticket, but now you have to fight your friends to maybe get to watch. The theatre made hundreds of dollars, you’re out 30 bucks, and someone else is watching the movie you wanted to see.

This is exactly how platforms like Angie’s list, Home Advisor and Thumbtack treat companies like yours when it comes to lead generation. They get multiple companies fighting over single leads and charge everyone full price. 

That’s just the beginning of the many ways they show how little they care about their customers (you) and your customers. Often times they set poor customer expectations, quoting unknowable or unreasonable completion times and prices to your customers, thereby taking away your leverage with your customers. 

Furthermore, their lead generation model means that customers are getting bombarded with offers from everyone trying to get their business, which can be a frustrating and confusing experience. All of these factors, as well as some others we’ll address later, contribute to your over-spending and under-closing on leads that could otherwise be big revenue drivers. 

There’s a better way to get leads, and it starts with advocacy

Advocacy as a Foundation

For us, advocacy means we’re in your corner, working on your behalf to further your goals and success. It means we’re dedicating assets, resources and teams focussed solely on your success and not on exploiting lead opportunities. It means we prioritize loyalty in a world of selfishness.

On a foundational level, Drone Digital seeks to provide far more value for far less cost, positioning ourselves as the go-to lead generation agent for our clients. We achieve this in a few big ways that set our service apart from our big-box competition. 


We believe that loyalty means exclusivity. When we drive leads, we drive them directly to ONE client and one client only. Because we don’t use a “pay-per-lead” model, our focus is on gaining and maintaining clients over the long-term.

The more highly-qualified leads we can drive to our clients, the more likely they are to stick with us and refer their partners, friends and colleagues.

Our focus is on quality lead generation, which means giving our clients the advantage of non-compete agreements. This means that we never take on a direct competitor. 

Direct Service

We do NOT interfere, intake, or otherwise manage your potential customers. We are not a middle man for leads. We are simply an avenue for effective client contact. We don’t talk to your customers, and we don’t manage the leads that come in. We drive phone, email and social traffic directly to you from the web.

While we do monitor and optimize our assets for efficacy over time, we don’t tamper with your ability to schedule appointments and close leads. 

Lead Nurturing

For some businesses, lead nurturing may be a viable and beneficial service. Through a variety of methods, we can solidify scheduled appointments for you in a shared calendar, thereby increasing the number of appointments and closed leads by default.

Furthermore, if it works for your business, we can build an automated scheduler where clients can schedule their own appointments through the web and you can follow up with them to confirm. Nurturing leads means more likelihood of confirmed appointments, less chances that customers back out, and can increase closed leads by over 40%!

A Unique Approach to Leads

A Unique Approach to Leads

Since we’re not a middle-man platform, and since we don’t shop leads, we don’t use standard lead generating intake softwares like the big-box guys.


Since we’re not a middle-man platform, and since we don’t shop leads, we don’t use standard lead generating intake softwares like the big-box guys.



 Instead, we use a series of dedicated assets to drive local leads directly to you in areas you service. 

Because our assets are locationally focussed, you can be sure that your leads will come from nearby areas. You won’t be wasting loads of time and money driving long distances just to do a job (if your business is mobile), and you won’t lose potential clients due to distance (if your business is static). 

Our lead generation methodology is closely tied in with our SEO methodology (read more about that here), though the focus and use-cases of our assets are different. Driving leads and driving web traffic aren’t identical processes, which is why our services for each are separate though similar. It may be worth talking about a dual approach, or even a 3-point approach (lead generation, SEO, and digital advertising) for an aggressive trifecta of explosive new customer contact.

Benefits Beyond the Obvious...

How Our Atypical Mentality Gives You the Advantage


Quality Leads to Quantity

Who doesn’t love TONS of leads? We certainly do…unless those leads aren’t actually relevant. There are few things worse than wasting time chasing down leads that aren’t going to convert because the customers aren’t looking for our services. This is why our primary focus is quality leads. Other services waste time and money by sending leads that often yield little or no reward. Generic and unfocussed, big-box lead generation has no good way of qualifying leads in any substantial format. 

Would you rather speak to 5 “ready to buy” clients in a week, or 25 lookie-loo’s who may been need of something different than what you offer? Focussing on quality leads maximizes revenue, budget and workflow, and minimizes time-waste, overhead cost and frustration. But the best benefit of a quality focus is a quantity result. When we focus on quality leads, high lead volume follows over time. Every one of those high-quality leads has more potential to refer, meaning every individual lead is worth more than the direct revenue it generates.


Minimizing Cost at Every Turn

How much do you pay Angie’s List, Home Advisor and Thumbtack for every lead? $150? $200? More? How much money could you save by paying a low, monthly, non-contractual rate for accelerated and exclusive leads month after month?

Priced to scale on a population-size basis, our model means never paying per lead and never raising rates. We’re committed to the longevity of your lead generation success, as well as a perpetual and lengthy partnership. We’re so confident in our ability to deliver that we don’t even do contracts. Our clients stick around voluntarily because of the massive value of our services and the huge shift in profit they experience.


Active Targeting on a Passive Platform 

Much like advertising, our lead generation is highly targeted…in other words, we’re showing up for specific people looking for your most profitable services. Sure, you’ll get those low-ticket leads as well, but it’s the high-ticket, high-profit leads that we’re after. Instead of fielding (and paying individually for) a wide gamut of leads that may or may not be worth your time, we ensure that the leads we generate are profitable for you, allowing you to make faster, stronger progress in your quest for growth. 

Targeting means that you choose your customers, not the other way around. Instead of “taking what you can get”, you’ll be getting exactly the jobs you want, positioning yourself to turn down jobs that don’t meet your minimum criteria for revenue. Specificity in this manner is exceptionally powerful, as having enough high-quality leads allows you to pick and choose your profit. Having this kind of control over your revenue means having greater control over your business, your operations, and ultimately your personal life.

Lead Generation and You

Your business is unique, and the method of fielding, scheduling and closing leads you use is equally unique. While you may use similar methodology as businesses like yours, you need a plan that meets your specific needs. Here are some specific benefits of our lead generation models for different types of businesses:

On-Site Services

Tree service companies, contractors, plumbers, mobile IT services, and other types of businesses wherein the labor travels to meet the client can benefit greatly from our lead generation model.

Geographical relevance, as well as always being in front of the right customers at the right times, are two prime examples of our advantageous positioning. 


Locational Relevance

While other lead generation platforms may gather regional leads which cause you to waste money on travel, wages and expenses, our leads are targeted at your specific location. This means that, instead of paying for hours of travel time + job labor, you’ll be getting jobs close by, maximizing the jobs you can take in a week and optimizing your expenses for higher revenue per lead. 

Right Place, Right Time

Do you waste days on end and tons of money on putting out yard signs to generate local leads, only to have them removed by your competition?

Or are you shelling out for billboards that people only see as they’re riding passenger-side at 75mph down the highway?

The fact is that these methods are HYPER ineffective compared to Drone Digital’s targeted lead generation method. Think about it: when someone needs emergency tree removal or pest control or a plumber, they’re not going to get in their car, drive miles down the road and stop at your billboard or yard sign to take down your number. 

They’re going to pull out their phone, Google “(needed service) near me”, and call the first name that pops up. They’ll likely call the top 3 to compare prices or availability, but they vary rarely go past that. 

Using our lead generation methods, your business becomes one of those top 3, ensuring you’re always in front of the right people at the right timeall the time. It’s like having a huge billboard right in someones pocket, or a yard sign planted right on someone’s desktop. 

When you leverage the power of our lead generation, you can eliminate the need for yard signs, billboard ads, and whatever other broad-stroke advertising you do that’s costing you money and optimize your marketing budget by targeting your efforts on exactly who needs your services precisely when they need them. 


If you want to get really precise with your marketing, and target people who aren’t searching for you but will buy your service when presented with the right incentive, you may think about doubling down with digital advertising. Leveraging both reactive (customers who are searching for you) and proactive (you searching for customers) methods, you'll claim a larger share of the available market in both the short and long-terms. 

Consultation Services

Lawyers, doctors, and other professionals whose clients come to their location often find themselves in highly competitive markets, the competition therein spending mega dollars on advertising and marketing of all kinds.

If this is you, then you need more than a run-of-the-mill lead generation machine to gain the edge in your industry. 


Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is a simple, yet highly effective, process whereby the leads that we generate are then confirmed and scheduled either by us or by automated scheduling software. A higher percentage of your ever-growing number of leads get answered and scheduled quickly, increasing your appointments and your conversions. 

Multi-Office Solution

Are you running multiple offices in multiple locations? Our lead generation methods are built for local targeting, meaning more leads in more places for more customers in the locations most convenient for them. 


Allowing clients to schedule themselves is HUGE in retaining appointments and converting leads. The easier the process for the customer, the more likely they are to schedule and show up. A series of automated follow-up methods can ensure you’re affirming their decision to meet you and encouraging the sale ahead of time without adding manual work to your busy schedule.

Portfolio Exemplification

Proof of expertise is one of the most critical factors in this kind of lead generation. Customers want to know why they should choose you to do their work. Integrating your portfolio, social proof, and trust signals will multiply your leads exponentially while simultaneously elevating the quality of your leads, allowing you to generate more revenue per client on average.

Media Development Services

You are a visual company whose expertise makes you an authority in your field. Your services are expensive and serve to elevate the reputations and public perception of your clients.

In order to generate quality leads, your focus has to be on showcasing your value in a unique and meaningful way that allows your services to stand out. 


Brand Consistency and Portfolio Integration

Brand consistency is of utmost importance in your industry, and the lead generation tools used for your company have to be able to showcase that. From mission to tone to visuals, our lead generation methods show why you’re the right choice for your services in a fluid, seamless way. 

Showcasing your best content and leveraging your topical authority, we’ll create a specific set of assets in the locations where your customers are most likely to interact, and we’ll gain and nurture your leads for optimal conversion opportunities. 

Funnels and Qualifiers

Your customers aren’t looking for a quick fix to small issues; they’re in need of complex and nuanced services from detailed, fastidious professionals. Similarly, you’re not looking to take jobs that do little to scale your growth; you need high paying clients with jobs that allow your skill to shine through. 

Utilizing sales funnels and qualifier methods, the leads we gain for you will need to match specified criteria that you set in order to pre-qualify them for your service. You’ll be able to weed out time-wasters and tire-kickers and take on serious clients with substantial budgets. 

For you, quality leads are everything, and your lead generation assets will be targeted and designed to drive the very best leads your way, allowing you to leverage your time in a way that maximizes revenue and cuts wasteful tedium to a minimum. 

The Takeaway

Generating the right leads in the right places will allow your company to grow and flourish in a high-caliber way regardless of the market you’re in. By controlling the quality of your customers, you optimize the quality of your business; your company will ultimately become THE leading authority in your local market and the go-to brand for your services. 

While various business types need to rely on various lead-based methodology, the concept remains consistent: more, better leads equals more, better business. If you’re ready to scale your services into new areas of revenue, and to grow your business at break-neck speeds, contact us today. We’ll get your leads generating on autopilot! 

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