Who We Are


Michael Ramseyer

With over a decade of experience in various digital marketing fields, Michael brings a wholistic approach to the marketing arena. He likes to look at the big picture of any project and coordinate marketing efforts from a customer-centric perspective.

Owner/SEO+Lead Gen

Jared Siler

With a master's degree in mathematics and a pension for detail, Jared wields data like a Jedi with a lightsaber. Utilizing progressive analytics platforms and backend technical prowess, Jared leverages technology in order to drive desired results on all fronts. 

What We Offer

No Compete/Contract Leads

Unlike other firms, when we generate leads for services, they're exclusive. We'll never drive leads to a competitor. What's more, we don't insist on contract deals, giving you the freedom to stay as long as you like.

High-Level SEO

SEO isn't a "one size fits all" deal, so neither are our services. Some firms will offer you "SEO" without taking the time to delve into the nitty-gritty details of what that is, what it means and what it takes to be successful. We do.

Stand-Out Advertising

Do your ads build trust with your customers? Or do they simply drive traffic without driving conversions? We'll show you the difference between conventional ads that most agencies offer and those that drive mad sales!   

Sales Re-Imagined

Do you have a powerful selling agent in your corner who can get your products in front of the right people at the right time in the right places? We don't want to teach you to sell on major platforms...we want to do it for you so you can run your business. 

How We Operate 

Data-Driven Results

Have you ever felt like your marketing team was just guessing at what might be working? Chances are they were. Not at Drone...

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We use a vast array of powerful software that allows us to see exactly what's working, what could be working better, and to adjust processes to fire on all cylinders. 

At Drone Digital, we never guess, and we don't leave your success to chance. 

Exclusive Partnerships

You deserve better than what big-box marketers offer. At Drone Digital, your leads are yours alone, and won't get shopped to other companies. Furthermore...

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We don't take the liberties of setting client expectations for things like price and service availability, so there's never any misunderstanding between you and your customers. 

We leave your business dealings to you alone, and trust you to close your own sales. We won't get in the way, we promise.. 

A  Personal Approach

Your brand is your baby...we get that. When you sign on with Drone Digital, you become our baby, and we treat your brand as if it were our very own. 

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We approach each client like an extension of our very own family. We believe that honesty is paramount, in both our marketing processes and in the expectations we set. 

No smoke, no mirrors, and nothing "behind the scenes" that shouldn't be made clear. 

Transparency is the cornerstone of our business, and we're happy to welcome you into the fold. 

Methodical Customization

We understand that each of our clients have unique goals. As such, a unique approach to achieving those goals is paramount. How do we customize solutions?

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After analyzing assets, goals, and means, we're able to determine which conversion methods will suit you best. 

We take top-level considerations, such as budget and business type, into account, as well as deeper analytics like location data, market research, sales trends, and consumer-based psychological tendencies  into account to position your brand to scale to new heights. 


What they say

Shain Painting

If you are wondering whether or not Drone Digital is the right agency to take care of your Website or Search Engine Optimization look no further. Drone is industrious and a real go getter. They will work hard for you and that work will be top notch. Drone has designed my website and I couldn’t be happier. On top of that my site is quickly climbing the google ladder. I highly recommend Drone's SEO services.


I am one of the owners of the company and I am really, really happy with what Drone has done for me. I really appreciate how much we can trust them because there aren’t many people out there so trustworthy. I recommend Drone Digital for their professionalism and expertise; they have driven a lot of leads to my company, which has increased my income and given me more opportunities to close deals.

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Our Story

A Quick Start

In July of 2019, we (Jared and Michael) were both working individually in different areas of the digital marketing space. Jared was focussed on SEO and lead generation clients, while Michael was focussed on digital advertising and e-commerce. Though we had been friends for nearly 2 decades, our professional paths hadn’t crossed. However, an unlikely client with an unusual need was the catalyst to a partnership that would lead us to Drone Digital. 

A client in an unusual and somewhat uncharted e-commerce territory in a largely misunderstood industry needed an e-commerce platform and SEO. Little did we know the client’s goals would eventually need all of our expertise in every area. 

After a few months of toiling, we found success with this client and decided that we had something special that the digital marketing industry sorely needed. 

The Realization

What we began to notice as we continued working in our individual spaces, with this one shared client, was that there was a huge underlying flaw shared across most digital marketing agencies. Whether it was design and development firms or advertising and SEO firms, there seemed to be a sense of entitlement that they all shared. It seemed to us that these very talented individuals took far more pride in their own work than in the actual results of their clients.

We also noticed that, despite best efforts, a lot of our colleagues' agencies were structured in a very company-centric manner. They talked a lot about what they could do and what they knew. Even the language they used was self-serving…”We make beautiful websites”  and “We know about SEO” and so on. Where were the clients in all of this?  

We decided we could do better. We saw the need for a firm that is solely focussed on client results…a firm that focusses on “you” and not on itself…a firm that only takes pride in the results of the client, and not in its own abilities or creations. 

The Result

On a functional level, we work very well together; we focus on different aspects of the client experience and are able to tailor marketing strategies and assets to fit client needs. It all works very smoothly, but there’s more to it than that.

We’re doing what we set out to do: create a customer-centric firm that offers one-of-a-kind services. We don’t mean to say there aren’t others out there who do what we do; there are, and many of them are very skilled.

But there’s a big difference in the results that clients get when the perspective of the agency is formed around the actual client and not around the agency’s own desires. Our clients know that we’re advocates for them, helping them navigate the digital landscape and finding success at every turn. Being able to focus on that has been a huge differentiating factor for Drone Digital, and it’s why our clients have such a huge advantage over their competition. 

Shared Knowledge

Our story wouldn’t be complete without sharing some of the foundational elements that support our work. We believe that these are the reasons why our clients trust us, and why we hope you’ll come to trust us as well. 

1) No Shortcuts

Sorry…lots of people hate hearing this, but it’s true. If you’ve ever read about the “1 secret hack” or the “3 magical things” that will lead your business to success, we want you to know that it’s all BS. 

You probably already know that; if you’re reading this and have grown a business to any level of success, you know it’s hard work. On the same token, it’s hard work for us to take any business in any industry and scale it to new heights. Yes, we are very good at it, but that’s because of the experience, knowledge and scars (metaphorical) we’ve gathered over the years. Not because it’s easy. It isn’t.

We wish there was a magical button we could press to make your business grow automatically, but the reality is that when we say “Your Business on Autopilot”, what we really mean is that we’re handling it on the back end so you don’t have to. 

2) Humility

Have you ever hired someone, maybe a creative designer or an advertiser, only to find out that they didn’t really do what you needed? There are two reasons that typically is…either they couldn’t, or they wouldn’t. In the case of the later, the underlying reason is usually pride. 

We’ve encountered dozens of various, usually vary talented, colleagues and counterparts who fit into the “digital marketing” framework who simply care more about themselves than their clients. They’d rather design it how they like it, rather than figure out how to make it effective and successful to the client. 

Our take is different. We approach each client and project with humility. We understand that, when you hire us, you’re betting on us to achieve the goal. It’s something we take very seriously. We don’t get wrapped up in the arrogance of our own abilities; rather, we’re completely absorbed in your success. We do whatever it takes to achieve that success despite our own feelings. That’s humility. 

3) Transparency

This is a term thrown around a lot, so we feel it’s important to define. For Drone Digital, transparency goes beyond honesty. We believe that it’s not enough to simply be honest with our clients…simple honesty is a passive action in which a person speaks the truth only when asked. We believe in aggressive, forthcoming honesty. 

What that means is that we’ll actively inform you if something is incorrect, out of alignment or not in your budget. We do turn clients down, not for a lack of desire to help them, but because we’re transparent with them. 

We have to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we can help someone. And if we have doubts, we’re transparent about that. Transparency means being forthright, even (and especially) if it means not making the sale. 

At the end of the day, our commitment is to your success; without that, we’re not worth the time it’s taken you to read this story. 

The Takeaway

We appreciate you investing your time to read about us. We’ve put everything we have and everything we are into this firm with the belief that we can make a real difference in the lives of our clients. 

Our mission is simple: We help our clients grow into new areas of revenue and reputation. Our goal is to do so in a manner that feels automatic to you. If you’re ready to take the next step in your success, to level-up your conversions, and to scale into new heights, we’re ready to speak with you. 

We’ll get to know you and your brand, what your goals are, and how you operate. We’ll figure out the best way forward for you and, together, we’ll come up with a master plan for success. 

And, of course, our consultation and analysis is always free. Contact us today and let’s blow the lid off your success! 

- With Care, 

Michael Ramseyer and Jared Siler

Your Digital Marketing Advocates

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