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A Wholistic Approach to Marketing

Traditionally speaking... marketing can be a fairly segmented process. Different aspects of marketing are often seen as separate plans altogether, and marketers miss the opportunity to sync various marketing efforts for the purpose of the bigger picture. 

It may seem on the surface that advertising has little to do with SEO, and that SEO has little to do with lead generation; the reality is that all of these marketing aspects are attempting to accomplish the same goal, though none of them are as powerful on their own as they are in a combined effort. 

That’s why Drone Digital takes a wholistic approach, fusing the advantages of each to create a plan for short-term, long-term, and continuous growth.

Sales Now: The Short Term

One of the biggest revenue drivers for any business is advertising. While it can get pretty involved and nuanced, advertising is the fastest way to persuade potential customers to buy. While more expensive than other services (like SEO or Lead Generation), the advantages to advertising are well worth the cost. 


When an ad campaign is developed and the actual advertisement is launched, target audiences see the ad immediately. You won’t have to wait for your site to rank to see new traffic (like with SEO); traffic starts coming in right away. 


Unlike web page visitors who come to your site off google, ad clickers can be taken through a controlled experience called a “sales funnel”, in which they are directed by pre-made actions and assets to make certain decisions. Done correctly, this process can boost engagement and conversions in ways unparalleled in any other environment. 


Before the internet, ROI from ads was unpredictable. There wasn’t always a great way of tracking how successful an ad was, and to what extent. Now, there is. With digital advertising, we’re able to set an exact budget, target specific types of individuals using relevant criteria, set and track exact and various conversions/conversion types, and split-test ad sets to continuously refine ads into more effective versions of themselves. 


Probably the best advantage to digital advertising is our ability to re-target (or re-market) to people who have purchased from you in the past. This can be done right on ad platforms (like Google, social media sites and native advertising platforms), as well as with automated email campaigns. The ability to sell to the same people over and over again, especially as that group grows over time, maximizes long-term ROI as more value is attributed to single individuals.

Sales Later: The Long Term

Advertising is great, and is a huge contributor to bringing cold traffic into your warm market; but, as a long-term plan, the focus needs to be around more than just getting new sales. In a long-term marketing plan, we want to focus on gaining loyal, organic, repeat business that doesn’t cost precious ad-spend dollars. 

The purpose of high-level SEO is simple - get more people seeing more of you in when they search in Google. Since organic listings and map rankings are among the highest viewed digital assets, it pays big to have your SEO on point. 

The best way to do this is to get dedicated web assets ranking for relevant keywords and searches in Google using SEO methods. The type of business you are will largely determine the approach taken with this, and if your business serves large geographical areas, high-population areas, or is online-only, you may also consider more premium SEO services or Lead Generation services for more explosive organic visibility while your ads are driving new sales. 

SEO often goes hand in hand with lead generation, though the focus is slightly different as are the digital assets used. Some companies may benefit from both, others may benefit from one or the other. 

The goal is still the same, regardless of use case, and these elements are fundamental in building continuous upward momentum. Unlike ads, which are constantly being changed and tweaked, SEO/Lead Generation are constants…we add to and build on to assets that contribute to higher ranking, more locational ranking, and elevated traffic. The more we do month over month, the better our assets will perform. 

Back to the Point...

A successful marketing plan takes all aspects into account, and executes actions based on long term goals. A wholistic approach to digital marketing will yield greater results in less time for less money year after year as it achieves the continuity that segmented marketing can’t. 

If you’re ready for Drone Digital to take your marketing to the next level, to drive more and better conversions to your business, and to set you up to grow into new areas of revenue and capability, contact us now. We’re ready to put your business on autopilot! 





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